Saturday, 31 December 2011

Two Thousand And Eleven

Looking through Charlie, Jen and Michael's round up posts of the year, I thought I would do one too, and it was quite emotional going back through everything.

2011 has been a tough year for me, in fact my toughest yet, I’ve had a lot of hurdles and am still battling a few of my obstacles, but looking back over the blog it has made me realise what great friends and family I have, that have got me through this year, and made it not only easier, but made it wonderful. 

This year I’ve been to Antwerp with Charlie, where we walked around the whole city in heels, and Bath where we went to the spa for a much needed pamper sesh, camped in the New Forest with my family where we sought adventure deep in the woods, took a short trip to Paris with my Dad where we spoke pigeon French and laughed about it most times, Visited Whitstable with Sophie and tried my very first oyster, went to Chester with my Mum, Nan & Auntie; a yearly tradition at Christmas time, had a romantic affair with the abandoned hospital opposite our flat, which we are now sadly watching the slow demolition. Eaten the best food both at home with friends and out in new places, saw Swan Lake at the Coliseum, Have done every fashion week even if it has killed me but made a lot of new friends on the way, assisted some of the top stylists and publications of the industry and have started to make my way as stylist in my own right, I have been involved in the aesthetic creation of Charlie May, of which I am so proud, and lastly, not forgetting all of the wild and extravagant nights out at various fashion events and parties that have truly made this year so much fun. I have met some of the best people you will ever meet and have learned so much.

Thank you to everyone who has been there, this is for you and the next year of enjoyment!


  1. Its been such an amazing year, I've really enjoyed looking through everyones round ups, it's funny how much you forget you've done in a year!

    2012 is going to be awesome xxx

  2. Amazing post Lexxie! I love your photography!!

    So glad I've gotten the chance to get to know you this past year! Hope 2012 brings all you want and more. xx