Friday, 25 November 2011

Agathe & Seraphine's Doll House

This was a shoot I assisted on with Francesca Burns for Dasha Zukova's new art meets fashion Magazine Garage, with SHOWstudio.

Shot by Nick Knight, art direction and concept art by Dinos Chapman, Set Design by Gary Card and Styling by Francesca Burns.

The Agathe and Seraphine’s House shoot was inspired by Dinos’ daughter’s dollhouses and the 1982 art house porn flick ‘Cafe Flesh'

It was probably the biggest and hardest shoot I have done, we had rails and rails of clothes and everything was the best from every designer, we did the returns after the two day shoot from this studio and didn't leave until 5am! 

With such a huge team of people it was amazing to see the grand scale of things that go into a shoot like this. Lily Donaldson, who was an absolute pleasure to work with, was dressed in each of these outfits with a hair and make up change for each was placed into a part of the full size built doll house set and posed doll like while Nick worked his photographic magic and  post editing started straight away, they were stretching Lily's face out and rounding it to get the final 'bobble head' look that you see in the final images.

Also in the last image where Lily is in the beautiful blue Rodarte dress, the mouse that you see in 3 places is actually a glamour model wearing What Katie Did customised high wait knickers with a tail!

Marc Jacobs Dress

Mary Katrantzou Dress/ Meadham Kirchhoff cuffs/ Manolo Blahnik shoes
Dolce & Gabanna body/ Meadham Kirchhoff cuffs/ Manolo Blahnik shoes
Louis Vuitton Dress & Collar/ Prada Boots
Rodarte Dress/ Manolo Blahnik shoes/ Adsuko Kudo latex hair bow

Behind the Scenes

 The end product


  1. wow! i'd loved to have one of those dolls! what an amazing project to work for!

  2. Holy cow, Prada. These are truly amaze.

  3. Wow, this is the coolest photoshoot I've ever seen! Loved how it all turned out in the end!

  4. This is so awesome! I love seeing the behind the scenes so much.

  5. ohwow, what a cool shoot.
    so lucky you got to assist.

    J x