Sunday, 20 November 2011

Whimsical Weekend in Whitstable

Had a wonderful weekend down in Kent, in the adorable little seaside town of Whitstable with Sophie.

We had somehow managed to get VIP TEEN tickets to see Twilight (which I thought was hilarious but quite fitting) it was a packed cinema for the opening night for the film, and a few squealing girls but not as many as I thought.

The next day we spent a lazy morning eating poached egg & smoked salmon before experimenting with our Topshop nail art pens, we then went for a stroll along the beach.

I finally got to try oysters, which I have been wanting to for ages, and it was nice having them from a place renowned for them. They were so fresh, pretty much straight out of the sea, and they sure tasted like it, we had them with lots of fresh lemon juice and they were de-lish.

We had a wander round the shops, which were all beautiful little shops that you would expect as market stalls, lots of local produce. Sophie then took me down one of the tiny little side streets- Squeeze Gut Alley, (which as the title suggests is very narrow)

Lastly we took a quick visit to Margate (the last sunset picture) where we had tea, coffee and a sneaky tarte aux pomme to share with Sophie's lovely Mummy.

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  1. LOL at Squeeze Gut Alley.
    I always wanted to go to Whitstable as I'm a big fan of shellfish, might head there next summer. Also a perfect location for fashion shoot :D