Monday, 21 November 2011

Monday Club

It finally came time, once again to invite folk round for the (supposed to be fortnightly) cooking of a veritable feast for the eyes and innards. Monday Club was created to share the love of cooking and presenting food at its best with a general meet up with friends. A small turn out this time with attendees Charlie, Matthew and Jackie, but never the less more enjoyable.

As I had just come back from Paris it only seemed right to do a slightly french themed selection, for more people I was going to do a roast beef and french beans but this was definitely enough for the four of us!

For the bread I visited The Albion for my favourite rosemary & apricot baguette and for the cured meats, I went to La Bouche- freshly sliced salami and parma ham.
The cheeses were brought back from Paris with me- a potent duo of camembert; which I box  baked with rosemary & garlic, and goats cheese which came wrapped in a leaf, the stilton was an add on as I thought it would go well with the pear, chicory & walnut salad. Other bits included roasted shallots, onion, peppers and cherry tomatoes on the vine, a courgette & mixed leaf salad and lastly some cranberry sauce- a must with the camembert.

The pinot noir also came back with me from Paris which was divine, and for an after dinner treat Matthew brought round Ferrero Rocher.


  1. Such a good eve! I can't wait to toot your horn on my blog too xx

  2. *moan* it wasn't my fault my back was BROKEN. "small turnout". 'CHUH!

    Miss you lexxi x

  3. Goats cheese wrapped in a leaf - fancy! All of this looks amazing. Monday Club is such a cute idea.

  4. yummie post

    lovely blog here dear!

    kiss kiss

  5. Such a yummy yummy meal. You're one talented lady to say the least. Can't wait for our next get together :)


  6. Next one will be Christmas themed roast beef all the trimmings! Book your place now!