Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Top Five East London Coffee Hangouts ~ #2 "The Coveted" L'eau a La Bouche

L’eau a La Bouche (or shortened to simply La Bouche by the locals) is a small café and delicatessen located on the extremely charming Broadway Market. Translating as ‘The Mouth Water’ it quite accurately does just that, there are the usual fancies you would expect from a French man running the place; deli cheeses, cured meats, wide bread selection ect but this café has so much more to offer; with Mediterranean and British influences, they sell a lot of organic produce and the daily homemade menu is always a delight, from mouth watering mini quiches to flatbreads, pies and sausage rolls, they also have a great selection of vegetarian and vegan food as well as amazing salads. One thing I would say, is its not cheap in here, but it is top quality fresh produce and they do give great portions for both food and drinks. 

The deli has everything you could wish for and most of it is organic, again it’s pricey but worth it if you want big flavour or something special-
 the vegan blueberry ice cream from here is amazing!

Not forgetting the wonderful array of incredible cakes; the generous sized portion of homemade tiffin is a personal favourite, and I have to say the coffee in here has a lovely robust taste, the mocha is a total winner for me, but the others are just as good, they also have a wonderful selection of organic teas, this time I tried the calming chamomile which was lovely.

La Bouche has a rustic feel but is packed full of top notch deliciousness. The staff can get a touch flustered at times, but it does get extremely busy, and it is a fairly small space. A big plus for this place is the outside seating to watch the world go by, it gets super busy on Saturday's when the market is on, so if you can grab an outside spot it is ideal. 

Another great aspect of La Bouche is the rather special selection of wines, great for a special occasion, they also offer wine tasting sessions for just £10, just check in store to see when they are on. It also has a small area next to the wines, which allows you to purchase the plates and bowls that are used in the café.

La Bouche is the best place for a special luncheon, then to follow; take away treats from the deli for a gormet home cooked meal, I recommend the rainbow ribbon pasta and the sliced-in-front-of-you parma ham. There is so much to offer in here and it is a truly coveted location for fine foods, delicious lunch and of course the quality coffee.

La Boch is open everyday for breakfast, brunch, lunch and afternoon tea & coffee
35-37 Broadway Market London E8 4PH
Just call for details ~ 02079230600

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