Saturday, 5 November 2011

eBay Fashion Outlet at the W Hotel

Welcomed into the beyond fancy it borderlines the insane but wonderful W Hotel in the heart of Leicester Square, I was escorted to the top floor (hello penthouse) to the amazing suite hosting the eBay Fashion Outlet look book release featuring babes Jen from The Style Crusader and Sandra from 5 Inch and Up.

Treated to a plethora of miniature tasty treats and plenty of chilled Mo√ęt, I caught up with the likes of Kit, Shini, Carrie, Cyrena, Jackie and Charlie and met lovely new faces from eBay and Shine PR. After nibbling, sipping and chatting we were all set a style challenge to create an eBay Fashion Outlet cover look inspired outfit. 

After a few glasses of champers I thought I'd better get to it, my outfit combined my love of a monochrome mix with layering suitable for these chilly winter months and a touch of evening glam.
originally I wanted to do a day look and an evening one and see which one looked better but in the end they amalgamated as one and I was pleased with the end result.

After more champagne, a fresh batch of delectable canapes and gossiping about my best eBay finds, the lovely Andrea announced that I was the style challenge winner! And I was awarded a pretty incredible prize- a brand new Canon 1000D! So super chuffed about it and already planning to get to give it a good test run on my trip to Paris next week with my Dad.

We stayed in the suite until late giggling at the insane furnishings- revolving circular sofa, crazy bathroom seesaw and hot tub bath complete with TV wall.
As well as laughing at the optional recreational objects that came with the room.
we then headed down to the Dazed and Confused party taking place a few floors below, a lot of balloons, gold tinsel strands and a few cocktails later I was ever so slightly tipsy, having a whale of a time and embarrassingly saying hi to Louise Gray and telling Gareth Pugh that I loved him, we eventually headed home for the night. Home being the Marylebone hotel for the night, thanks Jen ;)


  1. I so wished I'd left with that outfit I'm adorning!! So gooood, I love that glass slipper photo too. Such a good nighttt!

  2. There are some familiar faces in this post, all looking lovely ladies! x