Tuesday, 28 February 2012

More From The Alps

It's like Christmas all year round here! Or at least all winter.. these are the winter lights (not Christmas lights as I so rudely assumed)

In the amazing restaurant La Dez' Alp, overlooking the mountain side, serving traditional alpine dishes.

I opted for the delectable, local specialty, grilled raclette with charticure, new potatoes & salad, it was possibly the most delicious thing I have eaten!

My lil' sis went for the biggest steak ever and ate every last bite.

Harriet trying coffee for the first time, haha I'm a mean big sister!

Skiing in Le Get, my favourite.
Mum & Harriet before our ski/boot swapping fiasco..tip- never wear ski boots that are too small for you, you will end up crying in pain, go up 2 sizes if anything!
Gary before he broke his arm :(

In a lovely little cafe on the mountain top, mulled wine please!

Traditional head-dipping fountain.
Skiing in Avoriaz

Bones Noble's X-Ray
I am a happy skier :)


  1. Oh, amazing. It all looks fabulous! xo

    (I'd love if you checked out my fashion blog/shoe blog/etc!)

  2. There are a few things I need to say here...

    1. You look like a total babe in ski gear. That last photo is ADORABLE. You lot hot.
    2. They will always be Christmas lights to me - not Winter lights.
    3. Your steak eating sister sounds hard core, I like her.
    4. I have never heard of a head-dipping fountain... but there is a fountain outside my house, maybe I should try it? How do I know if it's a head-dipping fountain and not just a regular fountain?

    Love your photos as always Lex. Looks like such a perfect getaway. xx

    1. p.s. you don't LOT hot in the photo... you LOOK hot... oh gosh... it's too early. xx

    2. RE the head dipping thing, just ask one of the locals, they will know, it could be made up for all I know (all the locals probably say it to get stupid tourists to dip their head in freezing cold water then they get ill, who knows!)

      Thanks for your lovely comments, espesh that I lot hot ;)