Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Forever 21 ~ The Takeover

Just before London Fashion Week kicked off into a frenzy of heel wearing, show seeing (or not) models, cobblestones and ultimately the latest looks from the designers, I joined three other bloggers for a Forever 21 takeover in their Oxford Street store.
Laetitia from Mademoiselle Robot, Lily Pebbles from What I Heart Today and Lily from LLMLRS.

Throughout the day we were to wear three looks in total, my first outfit entitled 'Glam Grunge' consisted of black cut out wedges, a denim biker, a black cotton skirt and a printed, fringed tee with "The Who" which I loved.

The second was the 'White Riot' trend in which Laetitia and I became window buddies, waving at crowds of our adoring fans (one) and having fun dancing with our life size cardboard cut outs of ourselves... this outfit was my fave though, a long black fine knit skirt, a floaty cloud print shirt and a lovely fitted black jacket.

The last outfit was from the 'Boy Meets Girl' section, I wore some gorgeous silky trousers and fell in love with the oriental style floral printed jacket.
After being interviewed with the Johnny's I went up to the second floor to unwind with DJ Robot's fabulous tunes!

Special thanks to everyone from F21 and Shine, Sarah you are always a pleasure to work with, and finally 'The Johnny's' which we affectionately named the film crew guys.


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  2. Wow, congratulations on everything, looks great :) xoxo

  3. Dude, you look amazing. F21 and Shine are lucky to have had you involved. Your such a charismatic and fun person - exactly what you need when being made to stand in the WINDOW of a shop on OXFORD STREET. Holy cow. That takes balls my love.

    Love hearing that you found some things at F21 that you actually liked. I'd never stepped foot inside a F21 in the UK until this day (when I went searching for you.. but you were actually already outside... oops) but if you can find something that's good then I'd be open to giving it a shot too.