Monday, 27 February 2012

JA! JA! JA! Björn Borg

If fashion week is good for anything; it's the parties, and this one was OFF THE HOOK.

We already heard rumours of hot tubs and Robyn performing, but it was oh so much better than that.

We arrived in style in our blacked out people carrier (naturally) to the imposing and spectacular old Battersea Power Station, 
walking through a tunnel (reminiscent of something in E.T) with changing coloured lights, overflowing cocktails, big beds with huge coloured cushions, pine trees complete with snow and seriously incredible food- insane amount of oysters on ice, meatball risotto bowls, potato gratin mini pans, and various meat, salad and fish dishes served on slate.

After deciding that waiting at the bar was for losers, Michael and I took the liberty of picking up a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses, we then sat on the bed area whilst watching the models have a pillow fight.

After the Björn Borg fashion show (and the last of the wine) I popped to the bar again but alas no bottles of wine left. So I picked up the next best thing, a bottle of Cointreau and some cordial...
Michael then had to go collect the mixer.

So fed and watered (with our own little make-shift bar on the corner of the stage) we danced to tunes spun by the adorable Pixie Geldof, and then were treated to the musical delights of Coco Sumner and Robyn.
Big thanks to Nik for getting us in and having a great night! 

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  1. OMG we are the definition of OUTOFCONTROL!

    Thanks for exposing my ass to the world of the net...