Sunday, 26 February 2012

ZANA BAYNE ~ Harness Heaven

Charlie and I were so excited to see Zana Bayne and Thomas Blakk's new collection presentation for fashion week, especially as they had come from across the pond to bring us these amaze harnesses and bags for us to drool over. 

After hopping in a taxi (something we did perhaps a little too much over fashion week) realising we were going to be late, "it starts at 7 right?" 'yeah I'm sure, wait let me check.... ohhh shiiiiiit it's 5-7!!!' 

*cue manic cab flagging*

But luckily we made it, with just enough time to try on a few bits and pieces from the latest collection.
I am in LOVE with the clear harnesses, I seriously need one in my life. 

Charlie once said to me 'Zana knows a girls harness' and she is totally right. Zana picked out a white leather spine-like piece for Charlie to try, this is a pretty spectacular piece it is so interchangeable and can be worn front or back.

Other pieces that caught my eye were the amazing skull face harnesses in black and white, trying it on it felt so luxurious and had a perfect weight to it, all of Zana's pieces are finished so beautifully, she makes playing with leather look easy, like the floral headband with sculpted petals in thick black leather- seriously incred.

Thanks Zana and Thomas for having us!

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