Saturday, 15 June 2013

Better Late Than Never

Oh hi there.

So, it might well be June, which kinda means I haven't put up a post for a while.. (five months to be precise.) But I did last quote that 2013 would be filled with randomness and spontaneity. So if I have achieved anything then at least I have that. So far...

I guess I'm here to say, I'm back. It will be different and well, completely and totally me, which is what it always has been really so maybe it won't change at all.

So for now, enjoy what I have to offer up from some of my latest travels. Enjoy.


  1. Hoping to see some photos from your trip to Morocco! xx

  2. glad you're back Alexxsia! x

  3. I like your nail art, rings, floral crown, iris and artistic photograph. It's intriguing. I've recently joined you in the randomness of blog post timing. I'll have to check back now and then hoping for subsequent posts. I hope your travels have been interesting and happy.