Saturday, 12 January 2013

Well Hello There Twenty Thirteen

 My 2013 will hopefully be full of randomness and spontaneity. This seems like a good start.

 The Breakfast Club- Hoxton. If you haven't been already, what the hell have you been doing!? Go now, but time smartly as queues at the weekend are not pretty.
 If you happened to be anywhere near King's Cross, why not stop by the Harry Potter to pick yourself up a wand or two?
 Vegetables are delicious. Fact. This easy lunch/light dinner is perfect if you are straving and want something quick.
Chunkily chop 1 small onion/large shallot, half a courgette, quarter of a pepper, chuck onto a baking tray with some cherry toms, a driz of olive oil and good grind of salt & pep, pop in oven for about 20mins.
Whilst the veg is roastin', chop some curly kale and finely chop some garlic.
Whack this in a pan with a some olive oil, it'll only need about 5 mins, when it starts to wilt add a handful of spinach (+ salt & pepper)
Place your pitta in the toaster, when popped, slather some hummous in there, fill with your roast veg and serve. yum.
 Ain't London preeeettttyyyy? I <3 modern="modern" p="p" tate="tate" the="the">
 Ta da! You can't beat a winter walk on the seafront.

As long as it's followed by a lovely open fire. Cat optional.
 Meow meow snowflake (a new cocktail name surely?)
Umm, how did this get in here..? Don't judge.
 Cosy fire tube in the W Hotel. Going to the cinema in there (the Hotel not the tube) tomorrow, which I only just found out about, so will let you know if it's worth a visit.

 My new fave pub. Candles galore, excellent pub grub (they have a menu where you can pick which sausage, mash and even gravy you want) really lovely staff, brilliant selection of drinks, great location (near my house) and of course, an open fire.
The Cellars, 125 Newington Green Road, London, N1 4RA

 Dreaming of fabulous travels this year. India is on the hot list.
 Cosmic underground, the soundtrack to my outfit.
At the Tate Tanks- go, it's bloody brilliant.
"Quite often, young lady, it seems like we're not getting anywhere, when in fact... We are."
You said it Wiseman.


  1. Love you blog!

  2. your cosmic outfit: just wow!

    Francesca xo

  3. looks all so amazing! happy new year xo

  4. the food looks soo yummy, I could cry! kind of.

  5. Was so lovely to meet you at the Company Blogging forum! (I was wearing the brightly coloured River Island bag and matching scarf)
    Your hair always looks amazing and I love that outfit with the cosmic long shirt, its so beautiful. Love your blog!


  6. Still love that Tanks outfit!

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  9. Such gorgeous photos :D I've just stumbled across your blog and I love it so far :D you have such gorgeous hair! xx