Sunday, 20 November 2011

Topshop Nail Art Pens ~ Hours of Fun

After popping in to Beauty Seen PR with Sophie on Friday, we wanted to try out the latest Topshop had to offer in the world of nails. 
The new metallics range is really amazing and have some really great colours, I opted for the shimmering green, as I'm feeling very Christmassy and thought it would go well with my red hair.

The nail art pens are sure to be a big hit, with current nail pens only available in short supply for non-profesh customers, and these ones are brilliant. With a felt-tip like feel they are easy to use and come in lots of different colours. 
Sophie and I subconsciously went for a duel pagan theme, (possibly from watching Twilight at the cinema the night before)

I had moons and stars and Sophie had crosses, we did have to initially use a bit of paper to help blot the ink out, but as soon as we had them on a roll, it was plain sailing. We had so much fun testing them out and would definitely recommend getting the whole set. 
Unfortunately they won't be out in stores until the new year, so going to have to stick with glittery nails over Christmas!

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