Sunday, 28 February 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2010


Short Film

Bits from the show

The end walk

Whilst catching the latest in the live stream phenomenon, I took a few screen grabs of some little bits that I thought were nice.
The stream opened with a backstage collection preview, showing close ups of the hair, make up and jewelery.
The show then opened with a short black and white film showing the progression of the collection.

The soundtrack was "Come What May" from the film Moulin Rouge which set a powerful but romantic mood for the show.
Tailored jackets galore, lace and sheer items playing a big role and hints of dark greens and reds, nudes and gold, cute bustiers, sexy, smart, chic- exactly what Milan is for!

The models came out at the end synchronized in their slick matching jackets and pants; a brilliant end to the show.


  1. theres something different about catching it live huh? i tried to see both alexander wang and rodarte but somehow i was always away from the computer! the show had such beautiful details, on what website have you been watching live from?

    ps welcome new blogger!, i just recently posted and illustrated about the DG show as well...loved the black ties


  2. Thanks! I watched Rodarte from SHOWstudio and today Dolce & Gabbana streamed on their own website.
    Yeah It's much better seeing the clothes move, pictures are not enough!

    Black ties are adorable from D&G, love the floaty white too :)