Monday, 22 October 2012

A Chic Feast ~ Spuntino

Firm London fave Spuntino is my go to Soho spot when I feel like being bad, it's not the place you go to if your trying to be healthy, but my god if you want to break that diet for one meal, its got to be here...

Bringing Le Freak back into C'est Chic, as most of us are familiar when Mr Ford's in town, we're never short away from a cocktail (or five) or that celebratory glass of champagne; celebrating what? Anything and everything usually, but this time was for his first return to London from moving back up to Glasgow (uber sad face) .

Spuntino sits in a little inconspicuous spot slap bang in the heart of Soho, right next to sex alley! Sister of London small plate pioneers Polpo, Polpetto and Mishkin, Spuntino is a Venetian/New York super combo, one small square bar with the best atmosphere, offering as you can imagine New York-y food with a fancy Italian spin all wrapped up in a big British bow.

I've eaten here several times and not eaten the same thing twice, (although I do recommend the stuffed fried olives- they are seriously to die for!) but this time opting for a veggie starter courteously to my anti-meat guest, ordering the eggplant chips with a tangy yogurt dip.

For mains we picked one each for ourselves- Michael, the truffled egg toast and I, the pork belly salad, both unbelievably delicious, as well as the heritage tomatoes and Spuntino slaw to share.

The cocktails here are so special, I think they might possibly be the best around... my favourite is the one served in the little silver cup; for the life of me I can't remember what it's called... maybe Clover Club? But whatever it's called, it's amazing.

They also do another cocktail where they inject some kind of magical alcohol into wee balls... all I can say is it's OUTOFCONTROL.

But dessert here is really what it's all about. We ordered the Dutch Baby- a perfect little pancake served with jam and ice cream in silver chalices as well as the most incredible pudding on the planet- The PB&J. Not your average peanut butter and jelly sandwich, oh no, this baby is not only bread free, it's the best thing you will ever eat. The freshest chunky raspberry mixture sandwiched between two triangle slices of creamy peanut butter ice cream, topped with crispy peanut and honeycomb-like pieces. If you get anything, get this, unless you are allergic to peanuts, in which case go for the Dutch Baby!

Spuntino never fails to satisfy me, from mini-burger sliders to pizzetas and fresh greens there is something for absolutely everyone, plus the intimate setting of the bar means you can oggle over everyone else's grub and usually get chatting to them.

Blissful and delectable, that's my kind of restaurant.



  1. OMG I totes forgot about this!! It was so good

  2. I just did 5 days shooting there for the new cookbook. I tried every dish. It was ridiculous.