Sunday, 9 September 2012

A Desire To Praise

The last from Paris, Cimetière de Passy- 
Apparently the only cemetery in Paris with a heated waiting room... good to know that you'll be well taken care of before you enter the afterlife.

O spirit bountifully kind, 
Warm, possess, and fill my mind, 
Disperse my sins with light divine 
And raise the flames of love with thine, 
Before thy pleasures rightly priz'd 
Let wealth and honour be despis'd, 
And let the Father's glory be 
More dear itself than life to me. 
-Thomas Parnell

The fashion Dad and I came across this beautiful cemetery whilst cycling around the area of Passy, we agreed to come back early morning as my proposed attire was an A/W concoction, (not such a great idea in 38 degree sweltering daytime death heat), so without the sun at a warm but comfortable temperature of around 20 degrees we started taking the shots, the sun slowly rose over the creepy tombs and my makeup started to slowly melt, just the thought of having my top button done up was enough to want to take shelter inside one of the mausoleums! I really feel for models who do campaigns every season spring/summer in the freezing months and autumn/winter in the ridiculously hot months.

Aside from the temperature complaint (god Paris, sort your freaking air con out) the cemetery was a really beautiful sight to behold, especially with the Eiffel Tower just casually hanging out in the background, definitely a great spot to visit if you happened to be in the area- plus there is a fantastique fish restaurant just down the road called La Maree.


Also I realise this post is rather picture heavy, and, quite self-indulgently so. Just wanted to point out that I am aware of this.


  1. Love that first photo of you in the cemetery! Eugh I hate Paris in the heat, they really need to get some American-style air conditioning before I go back again. Can't wait to see your new hairdo!

  2. Wow this is so beautiful! You look like a doll!

  3. There's a beautiful mood to these photos, might be the early morning light. Especially liking the make-up.