Sunday, 5 August 2012

I Heart Sundays

There really is nothing better on a Sunday morning than planning a trip to the flower market. Even on a cloudy grey day, you will find it bustling and particularly beautiful.

Columbia Road inspiration wise, it's full of it- it's one of those odd places that in the week everything is shut as if a beast of Shoreditch roamed the streets on weekdays, then from Saturday the shops open and by Sunday it's truly alive.

I absolutely adore Future Vintage, a designer boutique which most weekends I lust after pretty much everything in here. Next door is Angela Flanders, a beautiful little perfumery, it is so nice having something like this still around as traditional perfumers seem to have all died out, then the rest of the road holds treasures such as live bands, giant terracotta pots for sale, cake and coffee shops among other trinkety/furniture/clothing shops with a few art galleries at the end.

Not forgetting some of the incredible restaurants down there, for a start you've got Brawn, an eatery priding themselves on a constant refreshed menu comprising of the best meats, fish and veg you will find, but here it's really the meats that are special, and perhaps the wine as well.
Laxeiro is the amazing little spanish place- if you're in the mood for paella, go here. 
The homey Italian next door- Campania Gastronomia, has the tastiest Mama's kitchen vibe, from spaghetti to tiramisu, you won't be disappointed. Also The Royal Oak offers a cool atmosphere for drinking with friends but also the option to order some great gastro delights, you can't beat a bit of pub grub.

So here we are again, hope you are not bored of Columbia Road because I am certainly not! But moving on I think I plan to explore Exmouth Market in detail next- so stay tuned...

photos of me by Charlie May