Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Mental Month Of May

 A real fire at work kick starts the month off with a bang.
 Gifts in return for fine dining (great craze starting at the house* of Lexxi)  *flat

 Dinner at Miss Fitton's Hoxton abode
 River Island AW12 press day ~ I need this hat in my life
 Photo booth (mega-booth) with Rubicon.
 My favourite photograph from Alistair's exhibition
 Mango mad? Proving that you really can have too many mangoes.
 Brunch of the moment ~ Flo-ren-tiiiine.
 Emily's birthday in Milk & Honey.
 My brothers' 15th birthday
 Cornwall shoot for Company

 Nelly party ~ here come the bloggerz
 When girs do pout, boys do crazy.
 Ruby and the cutest puppy I have ever seen 
 Avoiding burgers in Byron
 The morning after the night before
 Possibly the best BBQ I have even been to at Lena's, kudos to Ben for the amazingness.
 'the strip'
 my contribution ~ chilli, lime and garlic chicken kebabs with shallot, red & yellow pepper, mushroom and cherry tomato
 Oedipus at the Gorilla Film Mag Hackney City Farm outdoor screening.
 Sunny Sunday morning down Columbia Road
 California bronze meets English rose
 My favourite Belgian beer found in Mason & Taylor ~ total score.
 Libran Chameleon.
 Bowling at Shoreditch House
 Beach Blanket Babylon cocktails
 Ceviche, delicious peruvian food in Soho.

 My unique selling point (the mane)

 Coffe in the Riv
 Brick Layyyne
 Cinema going
 Home Sweet Home
 Pimms O'Clock
 Happy birthday Ceebs!
 Picnic in the park
 Pizza East, hold the pizza.
 Happy birthday Jackie!
 Good morning The Breakfast Club.
 Birthday swagger

 Rooftop chillaxing
 Shakira / 90s / bindi
 Pheasant egg
 Fitty Fitton
 Clams and asparagus in Brawn
 Delectable vino
 Happy Birthday Charlie May
 Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
 birthday braids
 Sparkling pink in Nightjar, followed by a dance and piano sing-a-long
 Sample sallleeeeee
 My one true love.
 bunting ~ the jubilee essential 

Piiiiiiiiiiiiims in jar
 Musical chairs ~ instigated by yours truly 
 The old clothes swap trick
 Pin the tail on the.... door?
 Even blindfolds can't keep from mischief
 It's a hair-off!
 Windy Corner Stores in Whitstable
 Hands down best breakfast I've ever had.

 On safari in the Powell-Cotton Museum
 be prepared
 It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under
 Tea (not) with the Queen
 God save the Queen
 Ooga-Booga! the tribal trend is so in right now, totes rocking one of these this summer...
door frame army.

It's mad how much you can fit into a month when you try.

This month is brought to you by the letter B

Birthdays (and a hell of a lot of them, you've cleared me out you lot!), BBQ's, bunting, breakfasts, best friends, braids, bindis, blue skies, beaches, Beach Blanket Babylon, barbejubilique, bowling, beer, bloggers, books, booths, brunch and booze. 

How can June even compete...? A trip to Ibiza should do the trick.


  1. What an epic month, with so many birthdays!

    So many fun memories! x

  2. OMG that guy in Alastair's photo is HAWTT!

    Love the Sesame Street reference. I wonder which months brings us June?

  3. This is so Instaoverload :D

  4. Such a good month! SO HILARIOUS that Michael is licking your chin in that photo from Nelly! xx