Monday, 9 April 2012

Egg Hunting And Castle Exploring

Sorry Jesus, but eggs have replaced you.

This weekend has been been a whole Easter fest full of eggs- 
chickens, chocolate and dragons to be precise.

We took ye olde trip to Warwick Castle where we battled the fearsome (yet slightly lame interactive hologram) dragon (in the rather disappointing new Merlin Tower), watched (rather dishy) knights on horseback battling in a siege, tried our hand at pulling out the sword from the stone, joined in with the medieval waxworks, and ventured deep into the gruesome dungeons among other castle like activities.

A highlight included the peacock garden, full of frickin' peacocks surprisingly! 
But to be honest I would not have expected there to be that many, if any at all, those kind of places usually have a few statues and piddly water fountain, but this one was eggcellent, plus one had it's feathers full spread, a rare sight to see indeed.

We ended the day on the collection of our prize for the dragon egg hunt, as we approached the cooks tent (the finale spot) the cook asked 
"How disappointed on a scale of 1 to 10 would you be if your prize was a mere sticker..?" 
My sister- "Hhmmm, about 7."

So we each left with a sticker entitled I AM A DRAGON HUNTER.
I'm putting that on my C.V.

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