Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My Labyrinth

This editorial is wonderful for many reasons, firstly the lovely Miss Kate McAuly brought it to my attention because the name of the story is My Labyrinth- great name huh? Not only that, but it matches my love for the forest, red hair and of course whimsical fashion. What more could you possibly want? Leather, headpieces and an embellished Dolce dress, triple tick.

The only thing I wish is that I could call it my own, but for now, it is, my labyrinth.

It's not even fair, the stylists name is Newheart, how could I ever compete with that level of coolness!?

Photographer – Grant Yoshino
Stylist – Newheart Ohanian
Makeup – Renee Garnes @ Artists by NEXT
Hair – Cash Lawless @ Magnet
Model – Judith Bedard @ Mc2
Stylist’s Assistant – David Melton
Special Thanks to Eric @ Mc2, Cheyenne @ Magnet, and David @ Artists by NEXT


  1. I love this editorial, but only if it was split in two! The two very different locations confuses me. But apart from that I love the whole aesthetics of it and all!

  2. Love this! AMAZING.

    Love your blog too, just stumbled across it :)

    Have a little look at mine if you like ?