Thursday, 9 February 2012

Assaggetti, We Meet Again..

I was lucky enough to get invited again to what is possibly my favourite restaurant at the moment, Assaggetti blows my mind for little plates of deliciousness, which in theory is what Assaggetti means.

The lovely and gorgeous Andrea, whose family owns the restaurant, kindly filled us in and topped our glasses up! 
A fantastic night with partners in food crime Alix, Charlie and Michael, and our new recruit Ryan, where we started with a touch of prosecco tasting. 

Prosecco, often though of as a cheap champagne is actually a lovely bubbly wine quite different, champagne; obviously a French concoction, prosecco, an Italian creation, is made differently, it is made in huge barrels which is why the price is a little more agreeable, like champagne though it is named after the region it originates. From tasting the different types I found that prosecco was lighter and fruitier and a lot less dry, we also had a taste of an italian style champagne which I preferred, what can I say I'm a champers girl at heart!

After a taste and left wanting more we were presented with our chef's outfits and were escorted to the kitchen where the lovely Guillo guided us through the dough making/pizza making process before being asked who wanted to try, of course my hand went up first!

I opted for a spicy chilli and sausage with lots of cheese, yum.

Back at the table we were then treated to a selection of their amazing dishes, I can't rave enough about this food, there is not one dish I can fault, the cured meats are a must have, any even the simplest of thing like the bread and oil are just perfection.

Again I have to say Assaggetti wins hands down for beautiful food with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

I will be back soon!


  1. I will never tire of seeing you in a chefs outfit! This looks delicious! Please drag me along next time you go. xx

  2. really nice post!


  3. We need to drag Ryan out again...our little A2A recruit!

    P.S.To.Me. I love my John Rocha blouse!