Monday, 13 February 2012

Alpine Alps Alpen?

So I'm in the Alps! Staying in the breathtakingly beautiful Morzine, surrounded by mountains and pine trees always dusted with snow, pretty log cabins and Evian water flowing out of the taps.

Have been skiing everyday in Morzine and Le Gets and I must say my body is aching! If you have ever skied you will know how annoying ski boots are, well walking in them. It's worse than a pair of painful heels! My poor shin bones have had it!

After a trip up the mountain further to Avoriaz, my little sister and I had a great private lesson where we  did small jumps, skied through the forest and did a pretty scary and fast slalom, after the lesson though, we found out that my step dad had fallen and shattered his arm :s, he was air lifted to Hospital and had an operation to pin it back together, not the best thing to happen on our trip, so we have given up on the slopes now and are trying to sort out the flights back/insurance.

Other than that we have been drinking lots of wine (so cheap here) eating cheese and generally kicking back. 


  1. Ahh it looks awesome. Sucks big time about your step dad!

    Glad you're having a nice relaxing time <3

  2. :-(

    I miss the alps! You better not be planning to force feed me cheese when you return