Sunday, 29 January 2012

Marry me Mr PRADA.

In my eyes Miuccia can do no wrong. 

This incred concoction of menswear literally had me screaming like a crazed fan whilst watching the live stream. 

It's like the scientist met the 19th Century military Sargent and they went home together and put on their smoking jackets! 
I absolutely adore it, the collar and lapels are incredibly exciting and the shapes of the trousers and shorts are pulling from old influences that I would love to see come back.

Not only that, but seeing gorgeous actors such as Adrian Brody, Gary Oldman, Jamie Bell, Willum Defoe, Tim Roth plus others, walk, it made this show that bit more exciting. 
Brody in that red!! It was like they were meant for it, it didn't feel like they were featuring in the Prada show, it was like Prada was debuting on them. When Gary came out at the end, so suave, so debonaire, it just brought the magic to the whole thing.

SO excited about the womenswear, PRADA is untouchable right now, it is the absolute elite of fashion design and I can't wait to see what Miuccia is gonna pull out the bag for the girls for AW12!

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