Friday, 30 December 2011

Black. White. Or. Navy.

I have recently realised, that the majority of my wardrobe (that I actually wear) is either black, white or navy. So far this hasn't been too much of a problem for me, I adore navy, white is my favourite and black is so easy, but now I am craving colour, specifically the delicious pastel colours and metallics from SS12, as well as some new items of clothing that will no longer make me look like a Morticia Addams wannabe. 

But on the other hand the reason I like these tones is because they are simple, chic and timeless and especially with my curvy shape it's not easy to pull of certain things (aka- pink mohair jumper- love, but would make me look like the fat kid that fell into the candy floss machine!)

My new years resolutions are more of an essay than a list, but you can be well assured that you will be seeing a slight variation on the above colours in 2012 (promise) and I don't just mean hints of ox-blood red, because I know you've already seen that.


Thanks to Charlie for taking my pics, as the hospital being our flat (the usual outfit spot) is being knocked down we are now having to find new and interesting places to do outfit posts... this is at the Geffrye Museum.

1 comment:

  1. Love this spot for photos. That leafy wall is gorgeous.

    Am totally with you on the simple color palette... I'm exactly the same way. Even though you stick with those basic colors your outfits are always so interesting Lexxi. I love the way you put together a look.

    Happy New Year sweet thing! xx