Saturday, 22 October 2011


So beautiful, elegant, classic and true to Chanel, yet so fresh exciting and innovative whilst being so on trend with the touches of metallic’s, iridescence, sportswear, plastics, aprons and pastels and of course influences from the sea.

The beautiful textured layers and silhouettes are pushing new shapes and styles into a new wave of fashion. I really feel like it has got so experimental, with all these new plastics being used, a real positive for the direction fashion design is going in.

The accessories and details are just the finishing touch that makes this collection so perfect, intricate little bags and pearl detailing down the models backs, and that shoe-with the coral heel! styling perfection.

Also the set is, as always, something out of your wildest dreams, Florence singing out of an open shell, in a vast arena of a minimalist seabed, encircled by a giant shower curtain.

Once again Karl has created a collection of pure beauty and genius.

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