Monday, 4 July 2011

I Don't Speak German But I can If You Like ~ Helmut Newton

If sexual prowess could be photographed, Helmut Newton is the guy to do it. I adore his delectable images dripping with sex appeal, the feeling that there is always a masculine presence, whether it be a shadow, an androgynous edge or merely a man in shot is sexy, exciting and pleasurable. 
I enjoy the subtle male suggestion alongside the powerful female figures,
the voyeuristic fantasy can be entirely imagined, yet the photographs always ooze class and sophistication and never display a deep perversion. 
 Although the women dominate the pictures, Newton maintains a level of control from behind the lens, he really captures women in a beautiful way, with real strength in both mind and body whilst also displaying their fragility, I feel as if their thoughts could be stolen and kept prisoner, like a photograph freezes time and captures the moment and all emotion with it.


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