Thursday, 19 May 2011

Moon Life

United Nude have created the first ever flat-pack shoe as a part of the Moon Life project, which is looking into the idea of living in space.

Moon Life speculates on the possibility that humans will live in space in the future. With this thought in mind, the project is a stimulus for artists, architects and designers to create futuristic, radical, political but humane concepts for an extreme lunar environment.

The shoe consists of carbon fibre pieces that join to the moulded insole and outsole pieces. The label's creatve director Rem D Koolhaas, who came up with the idea before being approached for the project said-
"I think it has a futurist and technical vibe to a very high extent, Its innovative flavour might reach beyond the meanings of fashion, but in many ways I guess that's what United Nude is all about."

The shoe thankfully comes with an instuction manual, they don't expect everybody to just genius the construction from out of the blue!


  1. Whoa. That is insane. From the first image I thought it was some sort of massage table... xx

  2. This is mental.

    Helen, X

  3. oh wow. why hasn't this been done before? i want them as a piece of sculpture.
    ps, this is my first visit to your blog - it's pretty awesome!

  4. where can i buy those shoes