Monday, 4 April 2011

Triumph Inspiration Awards

Last Thursday Jill invited me along with her to the Triumph Inspiration Awards at the beautiful home of stylist; Charlotte Stockdale. On arrival they spoiled us with the most delicious drinks, mini sandwiches and pistachio covered mashmallows to munch on whilst waiting for the shows to start. Once seated, the new collection for Triumph was presented follwed with the contestants creations for the 125 years celebration for tailoring of the female form. The judging panel included Charlotte Stockdale; who it was an absolute pleasure to meet, and the Felder Felder twins (pictured at the bottom) the very well deserving winner was Emma Walters, with her innovative corset design that opened up, resembling angel wings and expressing liberating and inspiring words representing the women who have broken free of metaphorical corsets throughout history and changed the way for women forever.  
It was a lovely afternoon, so thanks to Jill for bringing me along and Halpern PR for putting on the event.


  1. these clothes are amazing creations.

    Helen, X

  2. Oh Lexxi this is a lovely post! You explained it perfectly well, which I've yet to do with two posts in. When I do my third, I'll link to this. Love your shots: you've got a great eye, great sense of composition and beauty.

    Can I have that shot of me? I want to start using it for my fb profile ; )

    It was great seeing you: that was my favourite event so far. See you soon xox

  3. Hii! I was one of the students at Triumph this year and wondered if you managed to get any images of my garment on the catwalk, your pictures are great! :) x

  4. Hi Lydia, yes I have a couple, I can send them to you if you like, what's your email? x

  5. That would be lovely! My email is

    Thank you so much! My camera was majorly playing up. :( xx