Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Samsung Wave

A few weeks ago, Charlie invited me along with her to the Samsung Wave Exhibition event at the Design Museum, for the display of the photos for the Now Project that she had taken part in. Serving as her muse for her entered photographs, we stood and watched the changing screens to spot any photos we recognised, the ones of me being the feet flailing in the air in my prized Wangs' and my sheep arms taking a photo back. We also spotted the one of Daniella at the top which was Jen's or Kit's. With the beautiful evening backdrop of London Bridge, we couldn't help but take up this photo opportunity, as it has warmed up recently it has been nice to shed a few layeres but I remember this night wasn't the warmest, a few glasses of fizzy though, and it was fine! Lovely to meet Emily and Kate with Jill that evening and to finish the night off; desert in Cafe Rouge with the girls!

Thanks to Charlie for taking my pic :)


  1. How funny: was just uploading shots from my phone to do my post today, too! It was lovely seeing you there. Love your photos: it's funny you, me, Charlie.. we've got the same eye, we shoot the same things. Like minds & all that.

    Hope all's going well & see you Thurs! xx

  2. beautiful photos! and nobody pulls the ombre hair off like you. seriously!