Saturday, 9 April 2011

MAWI Fairground Launch Event

This has to be one of the best launches I have ever been to. 
Welcomed with a fantastic fairground atmosphere; the store had spilled out onto the street under a party tent with miles of multicoloured bunting. Freshly popped popcorn, candy floss meringues and Snow Queen vodka cocktails were on offer throughout the evening alongside dancers, hoola-hoopers a tarot card reader and my favourite thing of all- the grab machine. I love grab machines and when I saw it I jumped to have a go, when I won the bear I was so excited that I had won I didnt even realise it had a £50 voucher attached to it! I couldn't believe that Jill had never been on one, and had no idea what it was.

Guests were floating around all wearing the gorgeous Mawi jewelery and everyone had really dressed up for the Occassion.
Inside the store were hundreds of multi-coloured helium balloons and giant retro gumball machines filled with the Mawi collection pieces (definatley a prize I would like to come out of those) , and to keep us bopping, a delightful DJ set from the lovely Daisy Lowe was filling our ears with vintage tunes throghout the evening.

The store will be opening properly in a few weeks and I can't wait, being just round the corner from my shoreditch home, I'm sure I will be in there all the time!
Big thanks to all the girls at Modus Publicity for putting on such a glorious event.


  1. Cute idea! Want bunting and gumballs.

  2. I didn't realise it really was Daisy Lowe DJ'ing! I thought she just.. sent in a tape or something.

    It really was fun & these are fabulous photos, Lexxi! Hope you're having the loveliest of weekends. (Oh and I love that white photo: I am suddenly ready for white, which for me has always been my black)


  3. Mawi jewels AND Daisy Lowe?! Amazing x