Monday, 9 August 2010

Topshop Autumn/Winter Collections

The "Into The Wild" collection allows you to clash and layer your textures - mixing matted faux fur, oversized knits and distressed leathers.

I really wish this heel was a lot thicker but I think the leggings are to die for!

The "Outsiders" collection Mixes classic British heritage fabrics with mossy shades for country girl cool.

The "Dark Nouveau" collection (by far my favourite) is all about embracing your dark side whilst keeping it chic.

Well it is safe to say that Topshop are going to keep me going for the winter with their amazing new collections, not quite sure how I'm going to fund it yet but I will find a way! The drape and lace waistcoat is the first item on my wish list...
What I love about Topshop is that is always feels that one step further than the rest of the high street, I think that as well as recreating the trends from the Catwalk they also inject their own style and always seem to get it so right, as well as the fantastic styling on the campaigns by Kate Phelan.
Dangerous but amazing sale on at the moment-

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