Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Boys On Film

I started my collection from visiting the forest at night where I was charmed by the shadows, silhouettes and textures that appear out of the dark. I also looked at the eerie black and white photography of Wynn Bullock, his images referencing a lot of nature but with a sinister mood.
I was also inspired by the creatures of the forest such as fireflies and mythical beasts, centaurs, dryads, nymphs and more recent storybook characters such as Little Red Riding Hood.
The garments are layers of naturally coloured, entangled fabric as well as sheer fabrics and wools, that have been developed to offer comfort alongside a high visual impact, fulfilling the desire for fantasy coupled with luxury, of looking well dressed and still making a statement that references the dark and twisted side of attire.
The woman who wears them is confident but still captivated and enchanted by her dreams and the things she sees out of the corner of her eye.
As an aspiring stylist I wanted to experiment with my womenswear collection, so I did a menswear shoot using my garments, I felt this was successful showing the versatility of the clothes and pushing the dimensions of style.

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  1. I really love these, especially that fourth image. They are gorgeous, congrats!