Saturday, 8 May 2010

Daily Terror

left-WW1 flight suit
right-Jill Sander tie dress and Jean Paul Gaultier lace boots
left-Martin Margiela leather jacket and skirt/chaps with Jean Paul Gaultier vest
right- Katy Eary shoulder piece and hair vest
right-Balmain shouldered top and camo trousers, Givenchy wedges and Ann Demeulemeester zip neckpiece
left-Ann Demeulemeester jacket, leather top and zip piece and vintage army trousers
right-Mark Fast knit dress, G-Star military jacket and Jean Paul Gaultier lace boots

Ann Demeulemeester leather band, Balmain camo trousers and Alexander McQueen belt piece

This was a shoot I assisted in the summer with stylist Jo Barker for German Zoo Magazine.
Titled 'Daily Terror' it was a strong military themed shoot with an edge.

I had an amazing time and loved being around the clothes, models and team, Dancian the photographer was awesome and of course Jo whose styling I admire, was lovely.

We actaually shot the models on seperate days so it was a pretty long shoot, the first model
Valerija Kelava, was amazing, she towered over me and her legs were the longest I've ever seen! he had a sweet Slovenian accent and was really nice, at one stage we were trying out different shoes for one look and we found some Martin Margiela courts with her name in, they had sent them stright from Paris and had been hers in the show! The first page shows her in an original WW1 flightsuit, it had all the original tubes still attached, so it was really heavy. I had to haul it from the costume warehouse on the tube to the studios but it did look amazing.

The second model Meghan Collison, is a Canadian model and was as lovely and as leggy as the first, we both loved the Katy Eary pieces and especially the gold skull headpieces that we didn't end up using in the shoot-(pic below) this was actualy one of my favourite looks, with a Margiela leather skirt and Alexander McQueen belted top piece and boots.

This was a great experience and confirmed my desire to be a stylist, it was the best to see my name printed in tiny letters, Fashion Editors Assistant- Alexxsia Elizabeth.

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  1. This is completely amazing! So jealous you got to manhandle all these designer clothes.
    Really beautiful shoot with feeling.